Extraction & Automation. Tableau technology. HTML extraction and capture from any website on schedule. Save and backup files in the AWS cloud. Visualizations and charts using business intelligence software like Tableau or QlikView. Crawl websites anonymously by using proxies. Client identity is confidential; no outsourcing.

Derive valuable insight from the internet using web crawling

Are you looking to capture pages using a web scraper over a long period of time? Modern web crawling technology and BI software allows us to extract online information and transform it into eye-catching visualizations accurately and efficiently.

Collecting web scraper data of significant size over a prolonged time period manually is simply impossible. A custom mining application will allow you to retrieve the information your organization needs to make business decisions.

How much does automated delivery cost?
What is web crawling?

Our process begins by identifying relevant fields on a web page to collect. These could include customer reviews, prices, listings, posts, or other published content that has value when analyzed in bulk. This may include directory sites or forums, or even private login sites that publish sales or auction information. The potential use cases for this technology are numerous. If the client is unsure about where to begin, specify the target in the consultation and the goal of the research and we will help determining the frequency and specifics of the extraction.

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Advantage of custom software

There are several subscription-based tools available on the internet, but the downfall of such turn-key solutions are sites with user logins and the limited ability to extract particular fields of interest. For example, if scanning a website about cars, it may require an extra query to obtain the VIN number. A generic application will not have the intelligence to perform the additional query, potentially rending the project worthless. Also, the captured pages are usually output as a data dump in CSV format. It is much more valuable to have the data stored in a convenient format then converted into a visualization.

Andrade Global offers custom website scraping solutions for enterprises seeking a competitive information advantage.

Due to the valuable insight and business intelligence we provide, we never disclose the exact nature of our assignments or reveal the identity of our clients. For more information, please contact us to arrange a private demonstration.

Gain business insight and automation with PHP Technology, MongoDB, Tableau, and Amazon Web Services.


  • Secure custom web applications
  • Compatible with BI software
  • Rapid test-driven development
  • Anonymous proxy web scraping
  • Capture unstructured content
  • Export in Tableau or Microsoft Excel format
  • Advanced visualization techniques
  • Complete data automation
  • Scan popular commercial sites
  • Compare multiple sources or feeds
  • Track listings, profiles, reviews, posts
  • Download text, images, or media
  • Process millions of pages
  • noSQL databases; MongoDB
  • Deploy dozens of servers using AWS EC2
  • Redundancy using various AWS locations
  • How does web scraping work?

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